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Benchmark Intelligence

Benchmark Intelligence

We help restaurant chains measure and improve customer experience. 
We've created an easy way for chains to collect location level customer feedback through SMS, a medium customers are most proficient with. We've helped our customers receive over a 10x more feedback each month compared to traditional surveys and reduce negative reviews by up to 40%. We’ve also used this same technology to build SMS chatbots that provide customer support via text messaging with a little help from AI.
On top of collecting customer feedback through SMS our system aggregates data from field audits, secret shops, emails, social and more. We analyze this data to understand why certain locations perform better than others.

📍 Location

Fresno, CA

⚙️ Product Stage

First full release

🏭 Industries

Analytics, Retail, SaaS

🤑 Fundraising Status

Actively raising

📈 Last Funding Stage


💸 Total Funding to Date


Big Win

Winner of the Central Valley Venture Forum 2017. Over 275 paying locations. $144k run rate. Potential pilot coming up with one of the biggest restaurant chains in the US. 

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Eric Santos


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